Conference Safe and Sustainable Fuel Cycle Back-End

5/14 - 5/15 2019

12. April 2019

The Czech Republic is now at the stage of deciding the next steps to ensure the safe and economically justified end of the nuclear fuel cycle as well as the next stage of looking for a suitable site for a deep geological repository (DGR), respectively geological disposal facility (GDF).

Neighbouring states and other European Union countries are addressing the same matter. The aim of this international conference is to exchange knowledge and experience of preparing and implementing a DGR for the direct storage of spent nuclear fuel and highly-active waste, as well as further options of how to make a nuclear fuel cycle back-end in the most effective and safe manner. On the Day 1 we shall mostly describe the current status of individual national programmes, on the Day 2 we would like to inspire experts, representatives of all levels of public administration to stipulate the back-end of a fuel cycle even in countries with a smaller nuclear energy programme in the sustainable way, particularly in the light of the conclusions of the climate summit in Katowice – stabilizing greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere by safeguarding the neutrality of the calculated equivalent of carbon dioxide emissions indigenous out of the European Union (EU) territory by 2050. Many countries – the Czech Republic among them – are to maintain or even increase the power energy production from nuclear installations in order to have a sufficient contribution to such a common EU Member States commitment.