DGR in the Czech Republic

The project for the construction

The project for the construction of a DGR in the Czech Republic is currently in the preparation phase. It is expected that it will be located in a suitable crystalline massif and, since the main criterion consists of the long-term safety of the repository over a period of hundreds of thousands of years, a great deal of attention is being devoted to the choice of a suitable site. The following text provides information on the development of the site selection process.

Selection of a site

The selection of a site for the deep geological repository requires the collection of huge amounts of data which describes local conditions in detail. In recent years, we have conducted investigation, research and monitoring work including field trips, ground reconnaissance, sampling and the detailed monitoring of e.g. dust in the atmosphere, the occurrence of radon and local seismic phenomena, supplemented by the airborne or satellite remote imaging of the Earth’s surface. As a result of the geological, hydrogeological and follow-up research, 3D geoscience models of the rock subsoil have been compiled according to which it was possible to assess the individual candidate sites.

In addition to the collection of geological data, the socio-economic assessment of the sites, addressing the extent to which DGR construction would affect employment, businesses, the local infrastructure and a host of other important factors, makes up no less an important part of the selection process. Equally importantly, socio-economic studies provide a picture of how local residents view the DGR project.