The nuclear account and SÚRAO financing

Our activities are funded by the so-called nuclear account to which radioactive waste producers are required to contribute by law. The nuclear account is managed by the Ministry of Finance and the funding for SÚRAO’s activities is provided on the basis of its approved budget and annual plan of activities.

  • The nuclear power plant operator pays CZK 55 for each MWh of electricity produced
  • Other producers pay a set amount for the disposal of radioactive waste in 216-litre drums CZK 34,530
  • As of 31 December 2020 the nuclear account contained CZK 31,85 billion

According to the Atomic Act, and in accordance with internationally accepted principles, the costs of waste disposal are borne by the producer. The amount of payments for the disposal of radioactive waste is set out by means of a government decree and fees are paid by producers into the nuclear account held at the Czech National Bank and administered by the Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic.

The funds collected in the nuclear account can only be used by us for the performance of tasks defined in the Atomic Act and included in our plan of activities for the respective year.

We do not form reserves and pay all revenues for services provided to radioactive waste producers and any unused funding into the nuclear account.