Signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between SÚRAO and the Slovak JAVYS agency

Prior to the launch of the next annual European Nuclear Forum in Bratislava organised by the European Commission in cooperation with the Slovak Government, a document has been signed that will bring about closer cooperation in the field of radioactive waste disposal between Czech and Slovak experts.

his Memorandum of Understanding between SÚRAO and the Slovak agency for the decommissioning of nuclear facilities and the management of radioactive waste, JAVYS, is also of significant importance in the context of international cooperation between the V4 countries. The aim of this process is to enhance cooperation via the sharing and exchange of information, knowledge and experience, participation in joint projects in the field of spent nuclear fuel disposal and mutual support with respect to participation in pan-European projects. It is also marks a further step towards developing a common strategy for enhancing the safety of radioactive waste and spent nuclear fuel management in the context of the development of deep geological repositories in the two countries. A similar Memorandum was signed three weeks ago in Budapest between SÚRAO and PURAM the Hungarian public organisation for the preparation and implementation of the disposal of spent nuclear fuel and the management of radioactive waste.

A meeting of experts from Central and South-eastern Europe will be held in Budapest at the beginning of November, the aim of which involves the transfer of knowledge and experience gained from ongoing waste management processes, including lessons learned from the results and certain failures of countries that are significantly more advanced with concern to determining a site for DGR construction than are the Czech Republic or Slovakia. We believe that the upcoming introduction of joint programming at the European level co-funded by the European Commission in the context of various EURATOM scientific cooperation, research and innovation programmes will exert a significant impact on the improvement of communication between experts and the wider public which, in turn, will help us all to determine a safer approach to deciding on the best course of action concerning the management of low- and intermediate-level waste as well as spent nuclear fuel and other high-level waste.

Bratislava, 4 June 2018, European Nuclear Energy Forum - ENEF