Information Centre

In order to ensure maximum awareness of its various activities, SÚRAO has established nine information centre at which comprehensive information is available on the issue of radioactive waste from its production to its final storage in repositories, particularly with respect to safety and environmental impact concerns.

So as to provide a clear understanding of the whole of the nuclear fuel cycle, the information centres employ information panels, three-dimensional models and photographs and film clips making up a comprehensive multimedia programme. Visitors are also able to view presentations via CD, DVD and SÚRAO’s website. Moreover, visits to the exhibitions provided by the centres make up a possible option for the elementary and secondary school teaching of environmental issues and physics.


Prague information centre

Address: Dlážděná 6, Prague 1 (ground floor of the ARCO building, close to the Masarykovo nádraží railway station).
Tel: +420 221 421 539 (answering machine)
Opening hours: Visits to the information centre accompanied by a commentary are available on request via the above telephone number.




The information centre offers:

  • a permanent exhibition on radioactive waste issues
  • a multimedia kiosk with demonstrations and information on the various areas in which radioactive waste is produced
  • a number of interesting models, e.g. a mobile model of a deep geological repository with a real nuclear fuel container at a scale of 1:1
  • a small cinema showing films on related themes