The handling of radioactive waste is financially very demanding. The operation of the three currently operational repositories alone costs annually around CZK 50 million, and the cost of constructing and operating the future deep geological repository is estimated at CZK 111 billion.

According to the Atomic Act and in accordance with internationally recognised principles, waste producers are required to bear the costs of disposal. The amount of payments for the disposal of radioactive waste is set out in government regulations and producers pay into the so-called nuclear account which is held at the Czech National Bank and is administered by the Ministry of Finance. Funds deposited in the nuclear account may only be used through SÚRAO for purposes specified in the Atomic Act and included in SÚRAO’s yearly plan of activities.

For the fulfilment of most of its activities, SÚRAO draws on funding from the nuclear account pursuant to § 113, paragraph 2 of the Atomic Act. Exceptions with respect to financing are set out in § 113, paragraph 6 of the same Act.

SÚRAO manages that state property entrusted to it in accordance with Act no. 219/2000 Coll. and prepares the relevant accounts according to Act no. 563/1991 Coll. and Decree no. 410/2009 Coll. The financing of SÚRAO’s activities is governed by Act no. 218/2000 Coll., whereas its budget is drawn up according to the budget structure defined by Ministry of Finance Decree no. 323/2002 Coll., on budget structuring.

SÚRAO does not create reserves and pays all its revenue earned from services provided to radioactive waste producers and any unspent budget funding into the nuclear account.