The operation of the Dukovany repository is monitored in accordance with the monitoring programme drawn up for the facility and approved by the SÚJB. The repository is located within the Dukovany nuclear power plant complex and monitoring activities are conducted under contract by ČEZ, a.s. personnel.

The monitoring programme includes regular sampling of water from storm water drainage inspection wells and water from monitoring boreholes located in the vicinity of the repository. Samples are analysed for the presence (volume activity) of selected radionuclides. In 2016 all the measurements were determined at around the lower detection limits of the equipment, thus proving that there is no leakage occurring of radionuclides from the stored waste.

For the purpose of monitoring the impact of the repository on its surroundings, thermo-luminescent dosimeters, which measure the dose rate of gamma radiation, have been positioned on the limits of the facility. In 2016, all the measured values have fallen within normal background radiation limits.

The monitoring of the occupational exposure of workers consists of the monthly evaluation of personal dosimeter recordings and an annual assessment employing a whole-body computer. The dose received by workers is evaluated as a result of activities carried out in all the repositories administered by SÚRAO. In 2016, no readings exceeding the legal limits for the occupational exposure of workers were measured and, over the long term, the tendency is towards readings of mere tenths of these limits.