Dukovany repository

Around two thousand waste packages are transported to and subsequently stored at this repository each year. The waste consists mainly of contaminated protective equipment, cloths, paper, electrical wiring materials, construction debris, and so on. Further waste consists of liquid waste created as a result of power plant operation and consists of waste water, sludge and ion exchangers. Since the storage of liquid waste is prohibited, it is necessary to process this type of waste using special technology. Waste water is subjected to evaporation and the resulting concentrate reinforced into the form of a matrix usually by means of a process known as bituminisation (the evaporation of remaining water on an asphalt film). A further method used for the reinforcement of this type of waste consists of its being poured into an aluminosilicate or glass matrix (vitrification).

Waste packages, usually in the form of 200-litre drums, are placed in pre-determined and carefully recorded positions in the storage chamber using a gantry crane. Once the storage chamber is completely full, concrete is poured into the spaces between the drums and the whole area is covered with a thick layer of polyethylene which protects the waste from precipitation. The chamber is then covered with concrete panels.

Inspection of compliance with the limits and conditions set out for the safe operation of the Dukovany repository nuclear facility and compliance with nuclear safety, radiation protection and other criteria set out in legislation is conducted by SÚJB inspectors. These inspections are performed several times per year. Emergency preparation exercises are conducted at the repository on a regular basis and the repository is monitored in accordance with the official monitoring programme.

Waste storage in figures

The total volume of the storage space at the Dukovany repository amounts to 55,000 cubic metres. To date, around 20 % of the storage capacity has been filled. In August 2016, the D5 chamber was sealed and the filling of chamber D8 is underway.