Working Group for Dialogue on the Deep Geological Repository 2010 - 2016

The Working Group for Dialogue on the Deep Geological Repository was founded in November 2010. The aim of the Working Group was to contribute towards transparency concerning the deep geological repository for spent nuclear fuel and the high-level waste site selection process. This involved better respecting the interests of the public and strengthening the active participation of the communities directly affected in the process.

The Working Group was created with the support of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic with the cooperation of the Ministry of the Environment. Most of the members of the Working Group consisted of representatives of the local authorities and municipalities directly affected by the repository project. In addition, local and national environmental organisations, both chambers of parliament, state institutions responsible for the disposal of radioactive waste (the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Ministry of the Environment, State Office for Nuclear Safety and SÚRAO) and the humanities and technical academic spheres were represented in the Working Group.

In 2014, the Working Group became a part of the Government Council for Energy and Raw Materials Strategy, thus its activities are now safeguarded directly by the Government. The mission and main objectives of the Working Group as well as its procedural regulations are defined in the Statute PS Dialog (in Czech only).

During 2016 the Working group held only two meetings. The activities were significantly influenced by the resignation of representatives of a number of localities and the gradual loss of a quorum. One of the undoubted achievements of the Working Group consisted of the preparation (in cooperation with representatives of non-governmental organisations and experts selected by community representatives) of draft legislation relating to the involvement of communities in the process of the siting of the deep repository. The draft was subsequently submitted to the Government Legislative Council. The Government authorised the Minister of Industry and Trade to create a working group which would consider the suggestions provided in the position outlined by the Government Legislative Council and prepare new draft legislation which the Ministry would then submit to the Government by 30 June 2018.

The meetings minutes and press releases are available only in Czech