Research Projects

SÚRAO is conducting and coordinating numerous research and demonstration projects as part of the development of the deep geological repository for high-level waste and spent nuclear fuel. The aim of this research is to gather information on the feasibility of the repository and the long-term behaviour of the repository storage system and the surrounding rock mass under different conditions. The resulting data are then employed in the compilation of the necessary safety analysis.

SÚRAO also participates in a number of international research projects. It is actively involved in European research projects through its membership of the steering committee of the Implementing Geological Disposal Technology Platform (IGD-TP).

SÚRAO also operates the Bukov underground research facility, which serves for the acquisition of data on, and the determination of the characteristics of, the geological environment at a depth at which the future repository will be constructed; it also provides the conditions necessary for conducting a safety assessment for the future deep geological repository.

In addition, SÚRAO is gaining valuable insight via joint experiments conducted in foreign underground laboratories (e.g. the Grimsel laboratory in Switzerland). The main objective is to gain an understanding of the processes that will take place in the deep geological repository and to obtain data to be used in the safety analysis. The aim of the participation of SÚRAO in these experiments is to obtain the necessary information and experience so as to be able to eventually conduct similar experiments in the Czech Republic.