National Research Projects

Bedřichov tunnel

The Bedřichov tunnel was originally constructed in order to transport water from the Josef mine water retention reservoir to the Bedřichov water treatment plant. Due to its location and the techniques employed to excavate the tunnel, it provides an ideal location for a range of research experiments.

Bukov Underground Research Facility

The Bukov Underground Research Facility serves for the research and evaluation of the geological environment for the purposes of the future construction of a deep geological repository.

Three-dimensional disposal (3DD) of spent nuclear fuel

The 3DD project which concerns a method for storing spent nuclear fuel in inclined boreholes represents a new approach to the long-term storage of spent nuclear fuel in the future Czech deep geological repository.

Mock-Up Josef

The Mock-Up Josef project is the first in-situ experiment simulating a vertical storage container surrounded by a bentonite barrier in a real environment made up of granitoid rocks to be conducted in the Czech Republic.
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