Bratrství repository

Most of the radioactive material containing only natural radionuclides (primarily uranium and radium) produced in the Czech Republic and the former Czechoslovakia by various institutions is stored at the Bratrství repository. In recent years several dozen waste packages have been delivered annually to the facility. The storage capacity amounts to around 1200 cubic metres; however, this space has now been practically exhausted. Therefore, SÚRAO’s management decided that from 2017 this type of waste will be stored at the Richard repository for which permission was granted by the SÚJB in late 2016. The best method in which to permanently close the repository now forms the subject of a number of studies which include detailed safety analysis reports.

Compliance with the limits and conditions of the safe operation of the Bratrství category IV repository, and compliance with nuclear safety, mine safety, radiation protection and other criteria laid down in legislation is ensured by SÚJB and State Mining Administration inspectors; such inspections are performed several times per year. Emergency preparation exercises are conducted at the repository on a regular basis and the repository is monitored in accordance with the official monitoring programme.

Waste storage in figures

The total volume of storage space at the Bratrství repository amounts to around 1200 cubic metres, which has now been practically exhausted.